Popular Sports in the UAE

There are many sports practiced in the United Arab Emirates. People from this nation love sports by nature. Some of the sport which practiced in the UAE are; Tennis, Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Falconry, and many others. What are Popular Sports in the UAE?



The ubiquity of Tennis in UAE is expanding step by step. There is a considerable measure of private clubs and lodgings facilitating their tennis courts. The yearly Dubai Tennis Championships is facilitated in Dubai and is a WTA and ATP occasion in which top tennis players contend each year.




Football or soccer is a standout amongst the most prominent games played in UAE. The United Arab Emirates Football Association was first settled in 1971 and from that point forward has devoted its chance and push to advancing the amusement.


Stallion Racing Horse


Stallion hustling is another loved sport in UAE. Likely, it is the most prominent game that is played by locals of UAE. It is more prominent than camel dashing as a result of the simple suitability of fundamental hardware.




Golf is a standout amongst the most well-known games in United Arab Emirate. UAE has numerous greens, and three of them are PGA title fairways. Dubai Desert Classic occasion happens in Dubai and is set apart by the world’s best golf players. The golf is encountering an upstream of fame in the UAE countless are coming to watch the amusements.


Camel Racing


Camel hustling is viewed as a conventional game in UAE. It is a best amongst the most well-known games in Arab nations, in UAE it is delighted in by the tenant of the Persian Gulf states for a long time. Formalizing camel hustling was one method for keeping up its focal part in UAE life. Before, UAE had notoriety for abusing South Asians as racers. In any case, robot racers are currently utilized after strict government controls were passed disallowing underage racers from dashing.




UAE is one of the Asian nations that facilitated the 2014 Under-17 Basketball World Championship. The ball played a great deal by bringing more western people in UAE and also popularized it.